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  1. Odd case, Scott Ritter.

    So much energy, and yet so little interest in those WMDs found in IRAQ !?
    Three classes of WMDs:
    – 1. Biological WMDs, like those Typhoid-drenched wool-blankets handed by British-Colonial forces to Native folks hereabouts;
    – 2. Chemical WMDs, so defined since the Convention of Den Haag of 1899, with related treatises ‘outlawing’ them, to promptly be violated by 1915 over the front of WW-1…
    – 3. Nuclear/Atomic WMDs since the setting-off of TRINITY in July ’45 over Nevada to test the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombs effectiveness.
    So it is 3 categories of WMDs, and #2 was found plenty of in IRAQ to apparently over 4,500 wargas-warheads, unfortunately all missed by Scott Ritter…

    Here tragic facts:

    ‘To warm up’ per University of California, Berkeley School of Law their Report on WMD-production-capability in Hussein’s Iraq :

    Here more on how Saddam Hussein got this rare industrial skill-set:

    Further facts on the continued existence of Chem-WMDs in Iraq up to 2011 and beyond – something Ritter has apparently not commented on ‘quite yet’…:

    Per (center-left) New York Times and National Public Radio we know of at least 4500 Wargas-Warheads found by US and allied forces in Iraq:
    – N.Y.Times 2014:
    – Per N.P.R. 2011:
    – Per N.P.R. 2014:
    – Per NYT 2014:

    So, IF the warheads had ‘just’ been filled with SARIN, we’d be talking about the potential of 8-digit wargas-dead, worse IF that had been VX-gas, fortunastely harder to produce.

    And nobody knows how many wargas-warheads have not been found and recovered by Coalition-troops.

    Would Scott Ritter have a clue ?

    Why none of his outrage against the lack of a thorough search of IRAQ since ?

    In Iraq, Kurdistan and Iran/Iraq-War between 90,000 casualties (wounded and dead) and over 100,000.

    For comparison, over 90,000 dead (!) and 1.5million wounded due to war-gas use in WW-1. Thus, even Hitler – exposed to a few ‘whiffs’ in WW-1 – did not want to use Chem-WMDs, although both WW-2 sides had them ‘ready’…

    Finally, since CHEM-WMDs do not emit any sort of radiation, no such detectors will work to find them buried in freight. A 155mm (6″) artillery-round may weight between 90 and 100lbs. No need for any howitzers to use them. Just roll it out of the door of a rental plane over a city, and on hard surfaces it will disintegrate upon impact and mix the two agents to form that deadly gas… And you’d never know who did it, how many more are coming, where, when…

    Meanwhile, Scott Ritter, all comfy and ‘energetic’ with something, recycles ‘Anti-War’ Lingo of decades back, threadbare and ineffectual.
    – He apparently never got to study up on how to live and die with ‘Red Army’ occupation-culture in ’43 or by 2023, with tragically-unexpected still comparable sadisms casually celebrated by those troops in Ukraine 80 years after WW-2.
    – And no apparent concern about those 4,500 WMD-warheads discovered and reported upon by ‘more-lefty’ media even, not remotely interested in regurgitating ‘Neo-Con’ rhetoric. I guess he won’t go look for ‘the rest of them’… After all, he’s got to edit in more ‘moody music’ to boost the impact of his latest ‘outrage-flick’…

    How come he did not speak at the Sarah Wagenknecht & Alice Schwartzer Pro-Putin Appeasement Rally yesterday in Berlin, Germany ?

    So, Ritter may also not have noticed that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were re-built right where they were incinerated by two ‘Tactical Nukes’, despite the tragic radiation-death-toll and disease-statistics being counted well into their 78th year as we speak…

    And, yes, over 525 atmospheric nuclear tests fired so far – but we’re still here…

    So, Putin won’t ‘impress’ with his nukes – unless he wants to give up the four
    eastern time-zones of Russia to ‘Comrade Xi’.

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