By Clarice Ryan

One of the prime targets of the Sustainability movement is the acquisition and control of private property of this country and the natural resources contained.  The Conservation Easement provides the tools, techniques and motivations to legally wrest the land from its owners and transfer it to the federal government supposedly preserving it for future generations.  Psychological and economic tactics being used are subtle with long-term objectives seldom identified by property owners. They are led to believe they are helping popular environmental efforts, while at the same time being provided personal financial benefits and security.  Some are even awarded public recognition through the media for their noble, unselfish “contribution”.  Unknowingly they have essentially become victims of legalized fraud.  They have enabling NGOs such as The Nature Conservancy to become wealthy in the billions while the land they have committed in perpetuity is doomed to Federal ownership.

Are you about to sign a conservation easement contract?  Please hold off until you read this.  Your signature will, in essence, split the estate on your property. You are releasing to a land trust, the controlled “use” of the land and development rights, while you retain title to the “land” and remain responsible for all costs of ownership . . FOREVER.  It will be virtually impossible for you, your heirs or a purchaser, regardless of circumstance, to over-ride this contract agreement. Read more . . .