1. We haven’t even gotten the Council to agree to pry the nine “motions” apart yet, let alone get anyone to suggest we the peons would be able to vote on anything. There’s a strong movement to call a moratorium on ALL the MAPC associated or inspired changes hovering above Gloucester and about to be dropped on us. You can get the list on DON’TBOSTONMYCAPEANN.

    We have not had ANY public meetings with MAPC on ANY of this, though for instance Rockport, Essex, and Manchester have each had extensive exchanges with them on how and if portions of the desired plans will be acceptable. Clearly Gloucester is trying to blast this whole thing through before anyone can get their feet under them to talk back.

    You may think only one or two of these points apply to you, but that’s not opening the lens of your camera wide enough to see the rest of it. Seven thousand new units of family housing required in a city that now only has about 14,000? Twenty two hundred and seventy within a half mile of trains station(s)? No parking requirements for such new building? Narrower streets to provide for our wide new sidewalks and bike lanes which we all will be using instead of carbon-belching automobiles? The whole “environmental” aspect of this massive top-down takeover doesn’t even acknowledge that electric vehicles have been invented! And the effort to do away with single family zoning is because single family neighborhoods only exist because of the intention of keep people of color out. This is bussing all over again, but with real estate. With actually material PLACES. Read the stuff (on DBMCA). It’ll boggle your mind.

    Massachusetts sees the need to create housing for 350,000 new immigrants before 2030. “A new kind of immigrant,” according to Mayor Verga. These could be immigrants from outside the U.S., or, I suppose, from Mass and Cass.


  2. Verga was just elected and had nothing to do with this. Your argument is with Gregg Catemardori, Jill Cahill, Sal Di Stefano, and all those others who are members of the consulting class here in Gloucester brokering deals and selling it out from under its residents, with no input. They never have extensive exchanges with residents, they despise you, democracy is a nuisance. Follow the money Linda, call the firm who sold to Psalidas for instance. Learn what you can. Also any firm contracted with the city is an agent of the city, so it is public information who firms pay to affect transactions here in town, they are called third-party paid consultants.

    Lastly my father built a house on Harrison Avenue in 1960, to house us, so we could all sleep indoors. He did not build the house where he did to keep people of color out.

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