The City Council will hold a Public Hearing to prohibit parking on Farrington Ave. This action was vetted by the Traffic Commission and passed through the Ordinance & Administration committee. It is already rounding third base.

If passed, this would reduce available parking for Niles Beach. This seems like shear nonsense. There doesn’t appear to be a safety issue. It’s a very seasonal use during good weather only. At the very least, resident sticker parking should be adopted versus a complete parking ban. Showing up to testify at the public hearing will likely provide no action without sending in communications to City Councilors ahead of time. That is just how the system works.

Please feel free to cut and past the language below and send an email with your name and address to all City Councilors. Most importantly, forward to City Clerk Joanne Senos, keeper of communications at [email protected]. If you would like to signal in the comment section here that will provide an indication of how this might go. Communications for the record must be received by December 8th.

Dear City Council, I do not agree with the parking restriction proposed for Farrington Ave. The parking available on Farrington Ave, a public City street, is a valuable community asset for access to Niles Beach. It is safe and easy access. This accommodation has been utilized for years and is a short seasonal use. Is there a consideration to afford resident sticker parking only? Please vote NO on this action.

Keeper of communications City Clerk Joanne Senos at [email protected]

Scott Memhard at [email protected]

Barry Pett at [email protected]

Steve Leblanc at [email protected]

Val Gilman at [email protected]

Sean Nolan at [email protected]

Jamie O’hara at [email protected]

Melissa Cox at [email protected]

John McCarthy at [email protected]

Jen Holmgren at [email protected]